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Leather accessories by Dee Mangan

Pow-Wow Batman, that's one heck of a bag!

Posted by deirdre mangan on

So our West Cork Weekender has arrived and we're *slightly excited about it. Yes, it's like so pretty and yes it's loike totally vintage looking, but most importantly. It will last because it is made from good things. That's the beauty about buying quality. Christmas is just around the corner and I bet you're starting to fret. You see this is where we come in, like rescue remedy at a wedding. This is the type of bag everyone would like to receive. I know that's a bold and brave statement but sometimes the truth needs to be slapped in people's faces. Guys, ladies, men, women, this 100% leather holdall is an all-rounder. 

*victory dancing in our kitchen to Rizzle Kicks on a school night 

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