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Leather accessories by Dee Mangan

We're almost ready to launch OUR handmade bags!

Posted by deirdre mangan on

How freakin' exciting! Over the past six weeks we've finally had the time and the funds to buy lots of gorgeous leather, perfect our stamps (how knew it could be so tricky!) and finish our designs. All small details have been considered, we think the end products are just gorgeous and we hope you will too. This coming week we will be meeting retailers in the Cork and West Cork area and are so excited to see their reaction!(sneak peak below!) Everyone so far has been so supportive and encouraging offering to spread the word in any way they can. Our bags will be 100% genuine leather, 100% made in Kinsale, by hand! We will begin with just a few bags and some leather accessories, bag tags, coin purses all sorts of goodies! We hope these will be online in the not so distant future so stay tuned... exciting times!

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