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Leather accessories by Dee Mangan

We're having a sample sale!

Posted by deirdre mangan on

It's coming up to ONE YEAR since I started The Kinsale Leather Co, I can hardly believe it. So to make room for what's to come I've decided to have a sale of my samples and prototypes. Yes - that's right, even though many designers prefer not to do this I just hate waste, all my samples are made from the finest leather and fabric... it's such a shame to see them lying there gathering dust. I have accumulated quite a few over the past year and would like to see them go to a happy home. As they're samples they're not perfect, the stitching may be slightly off-centre here and there. But they're built to last and a real treasure to keep. Contact me on dee@kinsaleleather.com to ask what I have, I can send you images. All Sally Albright samples are just €90 and Alabama samples (these might go quickly!) are €140. Belts and other items will vary. If you'd like to see and hear more just let me know. Dee x

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