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Leather accessories by Dee Mangan

What's so special about our Leather?

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It's a fact that people love leather. In the past however, most people didn't spend much time thinking about where their leather came from or how it was made.

Most leather products came directly from countries where the welfare of the animal was at the bottom of the list of priorities, and the process of adding the tannins to dye the leather often resulted in carcinogenic chromium (VI) polluting the water table.

So time has passed and things have changed, and these days everyone wants to be kinder to the environment, now its fashionable to be 'green' and the days where people didn't think about the food they eat or the clothes they wear have long gone.

Our recycled leather is made from the off cuts, trimmings and shavings from the wastage of other leather manufacturing processes and industrial waste from Asia which ultimately not only reduces the wastage going to landfill sites but also saves animals. Our colour treatment doesn't involve those harmful chemicals that pollute the water table and can be harmful to the consumers and the environment. Instead we use a laminate technique, providing you with high quality recycled leather in an array of beautiful colours.

Our Forbes & Lewis Leather is a luxury small leather and canvas goods brand working from Dorset in the UK. Named after it's founders Samuel Lewis Windridge and Katie Forbes the English label F&L pays homage to world heritage and traditional fashion styles, incorporating the old with the new. Producing simple, understated products where look, function and style are essential. F&L is all about bringing you quality, timeless leather and canvas collections. We source our leathers globally from the finest hides and only work with 100% leather which means that you will get those delightful imperfections found only with natural leathers. This also applies to the colour of our product which will vary slightly from product to product giving each piece a wonderful unique flavour.

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