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Leather accessories by Dee Mangan

We are Irish Accessory Designer of the Year 2016!

Posted by deirdre mangan on

The months are just zipping by and so much has happened recently for Kinsale Leather. Most notably we were over the moon to be named Irish Accessory Designer of the Year for 2016 earlier in March. The Awards which took place in Galway boasted such a high standard of Irish Design it was such an honour to win. Everyone says they don't expect to win... I really didn't! So much so, when my husband and mum asked would they come with me I said there was no need. When I won all I could think was, they deserve to be here to celebrate this moment as much as I do, they've been such a support since the beginning. Luckily it was so well documented we were able to share it all later. Three week's later and people are still congratulating me, I have the biggest smile each time I think of it. Definitely one of those moments to cherish for years to come. Here's the moment I did my walk of pride down the runway with my award (which is proudly displayed in the shop). Thanks to all involved in the evening and organization, what a great evening and show of what this great country has to offer in design. 

Dee Mangan Irish Accessory Designer of the year 2016 Kinsale Leather

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